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New Accessible Prophecy Huddles starting soon

Accessible Prophecy Coaching huddles are a unique discipleship and training vehicle, which allow participants to go beyond the information in a book or at a conference and begin to practically apply key principles for hearing God, both personally and in their ministry.

Accessible Coaching huddles provide a context for growth in the prophetic in relation to covenant identity and kingdom responsibility. They follow a framework based around a biblical approach to prophecy and ensure that participants not only have a thorough understanding of the ministry, but also the confidence to step out and use the gift.

Coaching huddles provide the opportunity to learn, grow and be stretched in prophetic ministry in a supportive and prayerful environment, where the focus is very much about deepening our relationship with God.

Our 3 aims for coaching huddles:

  • That you will see personal transformation in your own walk with God.
  • That you will see significant growth in your understanding and experience of hearing God’s voice and using the gift of prophecy.
  • That you will experience the benefit of huddles as a tool for training and mentoring others, better equipping you to develop a prophetic culture in your context.

They typically run fortnightly.  New huddles will be starting in July/August 2016.

For further information or to join an accessible prophecy huddle please email: coaching@3dmaustralasia.com


BUV blog post about 3dm

The Baptist Union of Victoria have published a post about 3dm.

It includes stories of two different church’s engagement with 3dm.  These are a large church – Crossway Baptist, and a small church – Encounter Baptist.

It includes links to a video and some helpful blog posts.

Here is the link.

Mission and Discipleship Workshops in April/May

Workshops are a great way to get an introduction to 3dm tools and expertise in Mission and Discipleship.  They are presented by people who are living it out in their own lives.

We have the following workshops coming up in April/May:

30th April: MelbourneBrisbane (evening seminar)

2nd May: Perth

4th May: Sydney


Two new learning communities starting in April 2015

We are delighted to announce that we are launching two new learning communities, one in Wellington New Zealand from 22nd April and the other in Launceston Tasmania on 30th April.   Details can be found under Upcoming Events where you will find links further information.


Four new workshops in November 2014

One Day workshops are an excellent way for you and people from your church to receive an introduction to 3dm expertise in Discipleship and Missional Communities.

In November 2014 we have four workshops available in Southport (Qld), Melbourne (Vic), Longford (Tas), and Wellington (NZ).

Go to our upcoming events page for details.

Latest News from Missional Communities Australia

Today we have launched our new website.  We now have an online store for ordering 3dm resources.

At the end of April we held the second immersion of the Melbourne Learning Community.  After the immersion, members of the 3dm team ran workshops in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Wellington (NZ).

We are planning more workshops in the second half of the year.  If you are interested in attending or hosting a 3dm workshop please contact us.

In addition, we are  beginning to plan for future learning community cohorts.  If you would like to find out more or indicate your interest, please contact us.




Why the missional conversation must change

Here is the latest blog from Mike Breen


How did discipleship affect your work week?

In a new post from 3dm in the USA, there is a short video about how one youth pastor answered the question -

How did the change to a discipling culture affect your day-to-day work week?

The blog post is: http://weare3dm.com/mikebreen/we-are-3dm/how-did-discipleship-affect-your-work-week/

The direct link to the video is:  http://vimeo.com/84312689

Some recent blog posts from the 3dm movement

Here are links to some helpful recent posts:

Family on mission: A quick thought

Are you integrating your life?

There’s always a choice

Building family not walls: 7 practical tips

Real life discipleship: Rhythm of life

New book – Target

You might hate journalling but do you track your Kairos?

One of the things that is sometimes recommended as a spiritual practice that helps with spiritual growth is journalling – the writing down of your thoughts, questions, prayers, even conversations, with God. The process can help with clarifying issues and it can be a very rich experience to go back and read a record of your interactions with God.

Generally speaking, I think there are two sorts of people – those who love journalling, and those who just can’t get into it and if they start, can’t maintain it beyond a few days/weeks. So if you have never tried it – why not have a go and see which sort of person you are.


Whichever sort of person you are – Jesus still disciples you through the same process he used with the first disciples. He brings God moments (Kairos) where there is an opportunity for the Kingdom of God to break into your life in a fresh way. The key then is to recognize what God is saying to you and change your thinking (repentance) so you can then make a plan and act differently (belief) – see Mark 1:14-15.


We only really change when we follow through on what God has said and what we have planned to do in response. So each of us needs to find a way to track the Kairos in our lives that works for us. Then we are most likely to gain full benefit from those Kairos.

Is it:

  • journalling
  • keeping a list in the front of your bible (one phrase or sentence description – not a full journal entry)
  • writing them on the back of your hand
  • using some app on your smart phone (3dm has a great one)
  • post-it notes next to your bed
  • talking about them with a trusted Christian friend
  • some other brilliant idea

There is no one right way, there are just ways that work for you. So if you already have a way to track Kairos – keep using it. If you don’t currently have a way – try a few different options and see which works for you.