New Accessible Prophecy Huddles starting soon

Accessible Prophecy Coaching huddles are a unique discipleship and training vehicle, which allow participants to go beyond the information in a book or at a conference and begin to practically apply key principles for hearing God, both personally and in their ministry.

Accessible Coaching huddles provide a context for growth in the prophetic in relation to covenant identity and kingdom responsibility. They follow a framework based around a biblical approach to prophecy and ensure that participants not only have a thorough understanding of the ministry, but also the confidence to step out and use the gift.

Coaching huddles provide the opportunity to learn, grow and be stretched in prophetic ministry in a supportive and prayerful environment, where the focus is very much about deepening our relationship with God.

Our 3 aims for coaching huddles:

  • That you will see personal transformation in your own walk with God.
  • That you will see significant growth in your understanding and experience of hearing God’s voice and using the gift of prophecy.
  • That you will experience the benefit of huddles as a tool for training and mentoring others, better equipping you to develop a prophetic culture in your context.

They typically run fortnightly.  New huddles will be starting in July/August 2016.

For further information or to join an accessible prophecy huddle please email: